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Five Conductor Phone Plug (U-384/U, TP-105, M642/14-01) Mates with series TJ-105 and TJ-125 One piece monel contacts integrally molded into red plastic body.


1/8” Stereo Plug (3.5mm) 3 conductor. Black plastic handle with solder terminals and cable clamp.


.25” Commercial Stereo Phone Plug (S-250; PJ055B) Mates with JJ-034 or CE80. Black plastic handle with .25” diameter chrome plug. 3 conductor; solder plug and cable clamp.


.25” Commercial Mono Phone Plug (S-250) Mono (PJ055B) Mates with JJ-034, CE80. Black Plastic handle with .25” diameter chrome plug. 2 conductor; Solder plug and cable clamp.


.206” Commercial Mic Plug (S-267) (PJ 068) Mates with JJ-033, S-12B, CES830 Black plastic handle with .206” diameter chrome plug. 3 conductors; Solder plug and cable clamp.


Two Pin Microphone Plug (U-173/U, MP-101) (NSN-5935-00-888-5351) Mates with U-172/U, U179/U, MP-101, and JJ-055. Nickel plated beryllium copper contacts assemble into nylon body.


Plug-Switch-Jack Combination (TPSJ-101) Mates with Series TJ-120 and TJ-102 jacks and jack TJ-101. The jack section of the connector mates with an MP-101 plug. Provides the design and electrical characteristics of the TP-101, combined with a manually operated DPDT slide switch and integral two conductors mic jack.


Military Audio Panel Mount Jack 5 Conductor (U-183/U) Mates with U-229/U, spring-loaded contacts solder terminals.


Military Audio Plug 5 Conductor (U-229B/U, AP-115) Mates with U-183/U and U-228/U. Coiled spring strain relief; Five conductor


Cable Junction Box This product allows you to convert two cables into one. Only (1.5 x 1 x .5) inches small! Comes with four screws.