Pilot Products Distributor, Inc.

birdsWe manufacture “EZ-Flite” aviation headset adapters for pilots who want to customize their intercom system in an aircraft or helicopter. We build an Impedance Converter so you can use a military headset in a GA aircraft or civilian helicopter. We sell a variety of aviation headset adapters made in the USA.  Nexus is our main source for the military jacks & plugs we use for manufacturing.

We sell directly to avionic shops, repair facilities, forestry and other government and retail outlets worldwide. Because we build all our “EZ-Flite” adaptors  in the USA we can custom cut the length of any adapter to better serve the needs of the pilot.

Pilots throughout the world purchase our adapters using our large network of retail pilot shops. This website is a great place for avionic shops looking for a source to buy adaptors to sell, or for pilots to locate a pilot shop to purchase one we build.

If you see something of interest, let your local pilot or avionic shop know about us, or contact us directly for information on our nearest retail avionics shop.